At the beginning cv. wibawa abadi move subsector construction by exertion sector other is reseller all product ( home industri ).

Overview experience afther cv wibawa abadi growth up find many craftsman and farmer have rich a result and by the way that nothing get market.

On that account sigit h prabowo and team prime motor of economic populist ask as well as conductive to match through in umkm’s forum for penetrate export market

  1. Food and beverage
  2. Technology and information
  3. Meubel and handycraft
  4. Essential flower oil
  5. Fashion
  6. Condiment
  7. Plantation and agriculture result

Division of supplier association cv. wibawa abadi devide several region:

  • District donorojo result spesific, planting production capacity 5 ton/ a month
  • District padang sumatra result specific ( patchouli oil, cymbopogon oil, jasmin oil and coral oil) capacity 3 ton/ a month
  • District tahunan result specific meubel and handycraft ( indoor or outdoor) capacity custom
  • Association umkm’s grup servent all of product ( home industri). Fashion, beverage, it.info, condiment, craft and the other product. Capacity custom