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Latest Enforcement Tracker, Cash Advance Debt Solution

Latest Enforcement Tracker, Cash Advance Debt Solution

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CFPB v. Cash Advance Debt Solution

In December 2012, the CFPB, with all the states of Hawaii, brand brand New Mexico, new york, North Dakota and Wisconsin, sued the Payday Loan Debt Solution firm for “violating state and federal credit card debt relief rules” by not supplying debt settlement solutions to clients whom paid costs. Payday Loan Debt Solution ended up being bought to refund $100,000 to clients…

CFPB v. National Legal Help Center; CFPB v. potential Edward Gordon d/b/a Gordon & Associates , Abraham Michael Pessar et al.

In 2012, the CFPB sued the nationwide Legal Help Center and potential Gordon along with his attorney, Gordon & Associates, for “loan modification frauds” that allegedly charged home owners to lessen their mortgage repayments with “little, if any, significant support to change home owners’ home mortgages or counter property property foreclosure,” which will be a “violation of federal law.”

CFPB – Discover Bank

In September 2012, the CFPB and FDIC issued a permission order to uncover Bank for misleading and pressuring clients into buying products that are add-on. Discover had been purchased to refund $200 million to about 3.5 million clients for presumably enrolling clients in programs “without their permission, misled them in regards to the advantages and left clients thinking these products.

CFPB v. Meracord LLC, Linda Remsberg

A payment processing company, for assisting “debt-relief companies enforce unlawful upfront charges.